Throw embroidery hoops like frisbees

"There's nothing
an artist needs more - 
even more than
excellent tools and stamina - 
than a deadline.” 
Adriana Trigiani
5x8" moleskine, collage by Tammy Garcia.

5x8" moleskine, collage by Tammy Garcia.

Pull the unfinished periwinkle scarf
out of the duffle bag.
Spin your button collection like dice. 
Unravel yarn. 
Unknot embroidery floss. 
Uncrinkle papers. 
Flip through ticket stubs.
Uncurl black & white photgraphs.
Unfold AAA maps. 
Unwind ribbons. 
Unroll washi tape. 
Peek inside boxes. 
Unfold wrinkly fabric. 
Spill jars of beads. 
Look behind color-coded
scrapbook papers. 
Re-arrange shelves. 
Throw embroidery hoops
around like frisbees.