Three Grids

"Depression needs to lift and clutter needs to disband. Even these two elements serve a purpose in the path to a new piece of work. Clutter meets clutter, and creates a spark. In the lull of a dark cloud and sedate thought, images come."
Gail Griffiths

I'm on a gouache grid extravaganza. I sewed grid on a bunch of cards and I am painting them with gouache. I tried a few different things here. On the 1st card I worked carefully to keep the paint from bleeding between sections. On the 2nd and 3rd cards, I tried to get the paint in each adjacent block to bleed. On the third card I also added some dots when the paint was still wet. So to blend or not to blend... one of the many questions in art.

Index cards #43-45 for the index-card-a-day challenge.