Thinking about Habits

"She walked away, worried about what she'd done. Mentioning bananas in a place that only stocked linty lozenges and broken pretzels and mixed nuts of varying roasts seemed a cruel thing to do."
Excerpt from Knock-Knock by Sara Rauch

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I've been listening to so many podcasts lately! In the car, while I paint, even while I edit photographs in Photoshop. So when Amy invited me to share thoughts about the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge at her podcast, I didn't hesitate. Finding time to record when the house was quiet... that was another matter altogether! Listen CMP Episode #189: The Raven in which I state, “I promise you, if you need 15 minutes, you can find them.” Let me know what you think!

I've listened to every episode of Serial, now in its second season. Because I was late to the table, I listened to the second season first. Sarah Koenig has a refreshing voice.

The Happier podcast is a fun look at the struggle to instill good habits. For starters, listen to this 3 minute mini-episode, Don't let the Perfect be the Enemy of the Good

I struggle with starting new good habits. Actually, I have really good intentions and start but I don't keep up. I fade out. I forget. So I recently read to Better than Before {listened to the audiobook read by author Gretchen Rubin}, a book that focused on the author's experience in incorporating habits. It got me thinking about the process of habit formation.

I bet micro-changes could make a difference in all of our lives. What could you change in one teeny tiny increment? The challenge is that we cannot see our progress in the short-term, so we are tempted to quit. Or we never start. But if you don't start, you'll never know. 

It's only Day 11 of the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge. The goal is to do something creative on an index card every day until July 31. You can catch up gradually or you can just start and figure that out later.