Thinking about Habits

"She walked away, worried about what she'd done. Mentioning bananas in a place that only stocked linty lozenges and broken pretzels and mixed nuts of varying roasts seemed a cruel thing to do."
Sara Rauch

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I've been listening to so many podcasts lately! In the car, while I paint, even while I edit photographs in Photoshop. So when Amy invited me to share thoughts about the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge at her podcast, I didn't hesitate. Finding time to record when the house was quiet... that was another matter altogether! Listen CMP Episode #189: The Raven in which I state, “I promise you, if you need 15 minutes, you can find them.” Let me know what you think!

I've listened to every episode of Serial, now in its second season. Because I was late to the table, I listened to the second season first. Sarah Koenig has a refreshing voice.

The Happier podcast is a fun look at the struggle to instill good habits. For starters, listen to this 3 minute mini-episode, Don't let the Perfect be the Enemy of the Good

I struggle with starting new good habits. Actually, I have really good intentions and start but I don't keep up. I fade out. I forget. So I recently read to Better than Before {listened to the audiobook read by author Gretchen Rubin}, a book that focused on the author's experience in incorporating habits. It got me thinking about the process of habit formation.

I bet micro-changes could make a difference in all of our lives. What could you change in one teeny tiny increment? The challenge is that we cannot see our progress in the short-term, so we are tempted to quit. Or we never start. But if you don't start, you'll never know. 

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