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Long ago in an alternate blog-o-sphere, bloggers used to share an assortment of photographs, documenting ideas captured, interesting contrasts, angles of light, even wild faux cross-processing attempts with fun filters and little speckles and such. Ah, I remember it fondly. But that was long ago and far away and we are in the here and now.

Yet still - I do take a LOT of photographs - so here we go.

Also, a reminder: MAKING STUFF [yup, even photographs] can be lovely not ONLY in that very moment BUT the entire rest of the day lightens up a bit. Try it and see what happens.

The last batch of random photographs is here —> random interesting things.
Inked by Tammy Garcia
Photo Dec 23, 3 46 26 PMa.jpg
The palette
Photo Jul 05, 11 52 41 AMa.jpg

PS. This is a loving reminder to find capture something interesting with your camera. And also to steal or make or manufacture or time travel into your creative PASSION [or whatever word you want to use for your _fill-in-the-blank_ [therapeutic | art | fun | hobby | outlet | play | release].

If you have not been creating, this is your nudge to take action to fix that situation immediately. It does not have to be something ginormous. Life is chaotic, folks. Let art be your little escape hatch, OK? We are heading into the holiday season and it is SO easy to get off course with our creative work. We also forget to drink H20, forget to call our friends for a daily chat, forget to do the laundry. Wait, you keep up with your laundry? Huh.

PSS. If you are reading the 2nd post script, I want to thank you for reading ALL the way to the bottom of the post! 💚

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