The Unfinished Page


An unfinished art journal page is a page where you've made some sort of starting point...  a base, some paint, collage, even scribbles.  You've played with art material(s) or words or colors. You've invested a little time & energy. So if you start, you are on the road.

It's not optimism or make-believe, wordplay, semantic, alternate definitions... not the result of a cheerful disposition on my part. I work in my journal because the experience is inherently positive for me. I work on lots of pages, in lots of journals. A stack.

If I want to keep going on a page, I'm happy. If I'm finished with a page, I'm happy. Working is the goal. 

I just want to be working.  Please don't feel like you are spinning your wheels if you start lots of pages, more than you think you finish. A background is abstract art, isn't it? That is the nature of the work. It all counts, but don't keep score.

And when is an art journal page finished?