The Sewing Table

My art tends to expand|fan out|overtake|envelop|take over|intrude upon|cover any flat surface.

That's what happens when you don't have a dedicated art studio. I do gelatin printing on the kitchen counter... and paint acrylic canvases balanced on a rolling cart in the kitchen. I film tutorials in the dining room because it has the best light!

But then there's the room-formerly-known-as-the-guest-room. Well it's technically still a guest room. In an emergency, I suppose. I use this small space for sewing, fabric storage, large paper storage, and cutting large papers to make journals. I don't do collage or art journaling here, because I don't want to accidentally knock quinacridone crimson onto my carpet. Wet mediums are constrained to spaces I can't damage all that much... I have been known to knock over high flow acrylics, drop brushes full of acrylics and drop glass bottles of india ink... 


This is my work table in the guest room. The top photograph is the chaos to the left of the sewing machine and the bottom is the chaos to the right. That's stuff that has been brought into the room but not put away. The white square thing in the lower photo with the leaf is actually a lampshade. Even in full daylight the light in this room is meh at best.


This week I'm linking up with Seth Apter's post about sharing our not-so-perfect creative workspaces. So I took a photograph of the table, the sewing machine, surrounded by little papers, cutting implements, collected and unsorted papers, thread, bits and bobbins. I'm more of a paper sewist than a fabric sewist, right? So that means that I use 85% paper and 15% fabric {scientifically proven ratio}.

It's a hodge podge of containers. I keep thread and bobbins and the tiniest papers in that stack of cigar boxes behind the sewing machine or else they get fluffled about and blown around or stick to other stuff when I move paper or fabric around the workspace. Love cigar boxes! 

If you sort by color... where do you put the rainbows?!?

The stumble-upon nature of collage suits the way I work... papers in disarray. I do keep "types" of papers in separate containers. For example, my found papers & ephemera are together, old book papers together, japanese papers together, painted papers together, gelatin prints together. But definitely not sorted by color or topic! I do not sort paper or ephemera by color... that would drive me bonkers.

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