The Return of the A4 Moleskine Journal

“This is Fiction, and the truth is whatever you make it. You can interpret the situation in any way you want, and all of the scenarios could be real -- and what's more, depending on how you act now, any one of them could become real.”
Jasper Fforde

9x12" Moleskine, gouache, artwork by Tammy Garcia.

9x12" Moleskine, gouache, artwork by Tammy Garcia.

9x12" Moleskine, pencil, gouache.

9x12" Moleskine, pencil, gouache.

Days after this fresh Moleskine Watercolor A4 Journal arrived in the Amazon box, I got to work at the kitchen counter. I know I've got the handmade Play Journal going as well, and I'm technically exploring the same stuff in both journals, but I love a fresh journal as much as you do. The Moleskine won't have stitching, though, since I have reached my stitching quota* for the month already. I'm exploring shapes and masking and frisket and layering and inking and penciling of paper and paint to create marks. Experimenting with off-kilter shapes and shapes that go off the page {in my imagination}. 

Art is something that I do for fun, it's not a job. I share my art for this reason... I want to inspire people to add creativity to their days. It's not really that big a deal to keep a journal and markers in your backpack. To draw lines when you have a few extra minutes. Those lines will build until one day you want to draw a house... or sew an art quilt... or paint a bird.... how much magic might a little art inject into your life?

Sometimes I feel like I am talking to an almost-empty auditorium where someone has a teeny mini-cassette recorder in the back. If you are still reading the blog, thank you! 

* the stitching quota is a fake quota