the random art of eraser carving

I love to carve erasers, to create a stamp for my art journal pages that is totally unique. It's easy + instantly gratifying. With infinite possibilities. One day recently my daughter (12) was bored. It doesn't happen often. So I took her over to the art baskets stacked on shelves near the kitchen and asked her to close her eyes and pick a basket. She reached up and picked the "stamping" basket ➸➸➸ so we carved eraser stamps.


This was the beginning of several carving sessions.


My daughter carved the words LOVE (both negative space and positive space, whatever you call that), DREAM, ART, HI, 5 O'CLOCK, plus some circles (my favorite of hers) and hearts.


I carved these funky boxes with fringe, which apparently look just like forks. My younger daughter (9) suggested spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs and so I carved that, a rainbow and three tulips {my favorite}.


Here you can see the stamps tested on junk mail, along with the carving tool we used. I got the speedball linocutting tool and three types of cutting tips. I get white staedler erasers at Target for about 50 cents each and I cut both sides. They cut like butter.