The Questionable Zen of Chopping up Journal Pages

Cutting, punching + slicing art journal pages last week was totally fun and energizing! I've cut up pages before, to use in collages or in weaving paper. It's cool to use something I created to make something else. I like the idea of creating everything I use on a journal page although I'm nowhere near that goal yet.

But I got emails, folks concerned that I'd destroyed something of beauty. Curious, I asked my kids if they were worried that I'd cut up my artwork... Daughter (9) said, "I wasn't worried because I knew that you wouldn't cut up anything you really liked." Daughter (11) said, "Well, we do stuff like that."

Your turn. What do you think about cutting up art to use in other art? Do your unfinished pages gnaw at you from the shelf? Do you create your own art journal fodder? Do tell.

Check out Andria's inchies ~ now I want to work in the tiny format again.