The Play Journal #5


handmade journal, watercolor/gouache/pencil, watercolor paper, 11"x7" pages, not yet bound

I don't have any sort of ultimate goal with this work, it's just about moving forward, learning, improving my skills, experimenting and playing. The Play Journal has proven to be suprisingly fun, so I added yet another signature. And yes, if you are attempting to keep track {silly you}, I am painting in three different journals this month. This Play journal, the watercolor Moleskine I shared yesterday with the inky experiments and the journal with handmade watercolor paper that I got at the art festival. 

A fun thing about binding your own journals ~ you can make what you need. In my version, I work with the pages unbound and then bind them later. Actually every two pages are stitched together now, so it has a semblance of a structure. You can make your to-be-bound pages any size you wish. For this journal, I got Strathmore watercolor paper in large sheets and cut them down to 11x7" with the cutting gear I use for fabric. I'm continuing to work with shapes that are intentionally out of balance. I imagine the mandalas flying off the page. 

If you are curious about the puppet page, it's actually the reverse {the bobbin thread side} of a set of puppets I created for the Painted Paper Paradise workshop. The shapes were beckoning me to paint them!