the northeast-south postcard swap


A slew of tweets with Jazmin of Siren's Idyll and Less of Comfortable Shoes Studio turned into an impromptu postcard swap. I'm always hesitant to commit to stuff with deadlines, and I am not good with themes. Yet these two artists provide such comic relief to my days, understand my snarky tweets and somehow "get" my art and my writings. Plus the hidden agenda - their art is lush and unique and vivid and yummy.

There is something wonderful about mail art, about handwritten mail, snail mail, lovely mail in your mail box. I had almost forgotten the joy of real mail in recent years! I wrote a long post about Mail Art with lots of fun links too! A cool book called Good Mail Day by Jennie Hinchcliff is super inspiring if you are intrigued by making and sending mail art.

But back to the swap. The plan was to create and send a postcard to each of the others. Two postcards. Reasonable deadline. Simple enough. But of course I waited until the morning of the day they were to be postmarked to start creating.

But first, let me share the gorgeous artwork (aka mail art) that I received from the northeast US.

Jazmin painted a stunning girl in deep turquoises, blues and greens with mesmerizing eyes.


Less created a bewitching woman with a hypnotic feel and a background reminiscent of batik fabric.

And for these colorful artists, I decided to stitch postcards with a linear look and feel, because my doodle drawings take days and I had just hours! Grabbing papers and ribbons and watercolor paper and misc ephemera I set to work. It's nice to "try" to stitch both sides of the postcard at once, like if you put a strip of paper on one side, the watercolor paper in the center, and align another strip directly opposite like a sandwich, you can do two strips with one line of stitching, but that's in a perfect world! If you would like to see the stitched postcards I made, pop over to Siren's Idyll and Comfortable Shoes Studio and please say hello in the comments.

If you like postcard swaps, I highly recommend Hanna's international DIY postcard swap. This is year three of the swap, and Hanna is wickedly wonderful at pulling it all together with happy inspiration galore. Hanna also has a Flickr group for the swap which I help moderate, so you can join the swap and the flickr group!