The ZINE Perspective

To try to convey what is inside my Zines I'd thought it would be fun to share excerpts from the last several issues. These in-depth digital delights are developed for artists and artists-in-the-making, for art journalists, mixed media artists, doodlers, writers and creatives who simply want to add more art to their lives.



Some excerpts...

a) From Art Journaling Without a Safety Net, in Zine 13. "Keep going even though there’s not a safety net. Keep going even if you don’t know what on earth you want to do. Keep going even if your colors turn to mud. Because tomorrow there will be a little less mud and a little more clarity. Tomorrow your very own journal will become your safety net."

b) An article in Zine 13 goes in-depth about my current cut + tape art journal. "Once I started adding stuff in haphazard & impromptu way, I experienced a shift in perspective that launched an avalanche of creative energy! I’m hooked on this kind of journaling, *flying* through this book, inspired, working on multiple pages at once, excited with each new blank page."

c) One of the nine Kick-Start Prompts from Zine #11: "Pretend you are the manager of a zoo. You need to develop a map of the zoo, including the housing for each of the animals, signs, refreshments for visitors, even a double decker tour bus. Draw the birds-eye-view or 3D style map zoo visitors get when they buy entrance tickets." 

macro view of issue #13.

macro view of issue #13.

d) From Finding Your Creative Work Style from Zine #9. "Working in multiple mediums makes me happy! So I bounce between projects in vastly different mediums, channeling my energy in different directions. That’s the natural way that I work, and I’ve found that each medium informs and influences the other mediums.  What about you? Have you analyzed how you work? First, gather some clues, and let’s explore various working styles."

e) From an article in Zine 8 about Building a Collection of Ephemera & Papers for Art Journaling. "Paper can be gessoed, painted, cut, folded, smudged, soaked, glued, layered, peeled, sanded and excavated to see earlier layers. Having a wide variety of colors, textures and types of papers provides an abundance of choice when creating. "

f) In Zine 12, one of the ideas for dealing with Creative Hesitation. "It’s frustrating to stumble into an apparent cul-de-sac, a dead-end, a fork in the road. Try to look at the dilemma like this. Do you want to add something to the page, or cover something up? You don’t have to know the entire story, just the very next step. Take a baby step. Or a massive mind-altering leap."

g) Thoughts about Why Art Journaling Matters, from Zine 10, with ideas about how to make your journaling process more valuable for you. "An art journal is a tool for learning. When you finish a page, {actively} note one thing that you could do the same - and one thing you could do differently - on the next page."