The Magic Formula


{ART} ≥ ∑ ⅞ IDEAS + {№ ⑦} ÷∫64yx3 −{TæCHNIQUES ⏏ ㎠ x ORDER4}5

If only art was this simple. A formula. An equation. Maybe a little derivative faerie dust sprinkled on top. 

I'm enamored {possibly obsessed} with thoughts about process. About documentation. I photograph my work as I go along. I like to see the different phases. The components of the equation. The techniques that build to create the art. I don't want to do the work of another artist, I want to do my own work. But to do your own work, you need to know how to do a bunch of stuff. 

True, there are tried and true methods for some things, like how to prep a wood board before painting it. There might be 3-4 different materials that will properly prep a wood board, yet 172 ways to use gesso.

Maybe the equation lies deep within Chemistry 101 or in the golden rules of design. I don't have the magic formula, but I'm on a never-ending quest to figure it out.


More of this and that...

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