The List Journal Project: Things I Know


The List Journal Project is about writing lists in your journal. Hanna and I made each other stitched journals especially for the project, and we are opening our journals and sharing our lists with you each Saturday until we finish our journals.

We hope that you will play along! You can write a list on an index card, type a list in a funky font and print it and glue it into your art journal, hand write a list onto an art journal page, or add a list box to the corner of that day's to-do list. In any way you wish.


This week we delve into something deeper. The topic for the list is "Things I Know" and this is open for interpretation. You could pick the things you know about a particular subject {hopefully something more personal than inventory accounting or cell biology} like "Things I Know About Parenting" or "Things I Know About My Creative Muse" or "Things I Figured Out About Staying Happy" or "7 Truths" or something like that. I opted for a stream-of-conscious list of things I think are true.