The Land of Pumpkins

The girls and i went to the dallas arboretum with friends last week, and to our surprise there were pumpkins everywhere. At every turn. It was difficult to get a shot without even a corner of a pumpkin... after a few hours we were pumpkin-d out!

So here's my funny pumpkin story. My husband and I traveled through central/eastern Australia and much of NZ about 15 years ago. We were there late Nov, early Dec. We started noticing that restaurants had pumpkin soup or something containing pumpkins as a special. In the supermarket we found dried pumpkin soup mix and containers of pumpkin-based soup and things with names like "American" this or that. So... unbeknownst to us, apparently pumpkin soup, stew, etc were specialties... standard dishes in the US. We do eat pumpkin pie and pumpkin soup around the Thanksgiving holidays but pumpkin does not find its way onto every table. Starbucks now offers pumpkin bread year-round, and that's a relatively new phenomenon!

Which makes me wonder. What foods do Americans + Canadians think are typical of other countries... and could we be farther from the truth?