The Kid's Mandala Challenge

"That is the principal thing -
not to remain with the dream,
with the intention,
with the being in the mood,
but always forcibly to convert
it all into things."
— Rainer Maria Rilke

Here's a little drawing game my daughter (10) and I came up with the other night while the kids were expertly avoiding bed-time.

First, I manned the pitt pen and my daughter told me what to draw. It started with "draw a medium circle" and "draw round petals, not too big, around the circle" and "draw little bubbles in the petals." I could ask questions to clarify what to draw, like, "where should this petal go out to?" and "should the bubbles be different sizes?" After lots of gardening and drawing this week, my hand gave out after the parallel lines in the petals. Switch!

Here's my daughter's mandala drawn using my instructions. It started with, "draw with a small circle with a black circle inside" and "draw squares around the circle" and "draw pointy petals coming out from the boxes." My daughter's ribbons are gorgeous... she thinks so many steps ahead while she draws.

This was super fun! What we didn't expect was the difference in our drawing styles! Mine are so ridiculously tight and composed, and hers are dreamy, loose and flowy. This prompts me to try to loosen up a bit, and see what happens!

I did an Impromptu Mandala Class for 7th + 8th graders.