The Index Card Habit

Did you know that this week marks the mid-point of the Index-Card-a-Day off-season? Yup, that means that we have less than 6 months until the 2016 ICAD Challenge begins on June 1. Although I work on index cards year-round, doodles, stitched collages, mop-up paint, lettering practice, mandalas, collage experiments, etc. Index cards are a well-established part of my creative practice.

Throughout the year, challenge participants email me to let me know that ICAD has made a positive, on-going impact on their creative lives. I've seen many blossom in their creative work, starting with a simple index card.

Jade Herriman interviewed Michael Carnuccio about his experience in creating index card art for an entire year.

Watch a display of Michael's index cards as you listen to the 20 minute interview. It's embedded below, or you can click over to YouTube. I enjoyed Jade's summary and excerpts at her blog. I remember the ICADs that Michael posted to the FB group in the summer of 2014, the architectural feel to many of the cards, the use of parallel lines in different colors to create texture and the fun doodle patterns as well. But most importantly, I like the playful approach to small format art, the spirit of experimentation and exploration. Jade and Michael have both eloquently articulated the beauty of spending time each day on art, even just a few minutes.

If you write about your ICAD experience, how it has impacted or changed you, please send me a link and let me know. It helps me SO much because I really and truly am just one person, in my own little world, and I'm not able to keep up with the entire interwebs! It inspires others to jump in, to give it a try, and maybe allow it to launch-continue-enrich-enhance their creative practice.

In the off-season of the index-card-a-day challenge... you can find creative inspiration in the on-going Prompt60 Creative Prompts.

Your words, creativity & art makes a difference in the world. Please know that. Use your words and art to be a force of good, OK?