Index Card Zines: Explore Small Format Art

Special issues of the Zine dedicated to small format index card artwork. Inside, you'll find a curated collection from the thousands of handmade 3x5" index cards I've created. There are so many possibilities within this tiny format! Whether you are a biologist, artist, writer, doodler, programmer, or CPA, you'll put a different spin on your work. Your imagination is the limit.

The more index cards you create, the more ideas will flow into your mind! There are always fresh ideas surfacing for my own artwork. The more I create, the more I want to create! That's how it all comes about; sparks and inklings and inputs from musings and random interactions in everyday life, from everything you see and feel. All in all it's about being open to possibilities. These ideas will SPARK your creative work!

Daisy Yellow Index Card Art 101+ Ideas
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Daisy Yellow Index Card Art 95+ More Ideas
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