The Index Card Art Zine: 101+ Ideas for Creating Small Format Art

A special issue of the Zine dedicated to small format index card artwork. A curated selection of the handmade 3x5" index cards that I have created since 2011. This is a project that I've wanted to "bring to fruition" for many years, to gather a hundred specific ideas/techniques that you can do with an index card. A spark to show you just a small subset of possibilities. Every person, every artist, writer, fiber artist, typographer, doodler, painter, poet.... will put a different spin on their work. It was enlightening to go through my files from 2011 to the present. And yet, when I had the hundred, I realized that there were always more, constantly more, and the limit is only our imagination.

There are always fresh ideas surfacing for my own index card artwork. It's like the more I create, the more I want to create! That's how it all comes about; sparks and inklings and inputs from musings and random interactions in everyday life, from everything you see and feel. All in all it's about being open to possibilities. The ideas can be a prompt or SPARK for any of your creative work - on an index card or in  your art journal - or an artist trading card - or mail art.

This digital Zine is 28 pages in PDF format and is available at Etsy.