The Games Continue

ICAD #39: Monopoly. 3x5" gridded index card, fabric, stitched. I'm typically not a prompt-person {although I write them non-stop}, so I'm learning that part of the fun of interpreting a prompt is the creative thought-work, the strategizing before even starting the card. So before I sat down at the sewing machine I thought about how I'd done the checkerboard with little fabric pieces and decided to use this concept again to make a little monopoly board. So I went through my fabric {when I get fabric I cut some of it into swatches so I have pieces for projects like this} in search of monopoly property colors and stitched it all together! I've always loved the colors in the game. The card reads, "something even remotely intellectual." I followed the board colors {with creative license} and used coffee-themed fabric for the corners.

Daisy Yellow