The Evolution of the Crafty Revolution #2

"I've got mixed feelings about poetry cause done well poetry is fantastic. But not many people are capable of doing it well. I think you should have some kind of license to perform poetry. A poetic license perhaps."
— Craig Ferguson

More thoughts on Free since posting The Evolution of the Crafty Revolution #1. There's a massive discussion going on at CraftyPod. And Diane is an awesome moderator.

We are readers and writers in a niche of creativity, art and craft.

Bloggers offering free content do so because they CHOOSE to do so.

Readers CHOOSE to be on the other side of the equation. You can bounce in and out without leaving a footprint (SCUBA mantra, leave only bubbles), or you can leave a comment, click an ad, buy stuff you would buy anyhow through their Amazon/Dick Blick/etc. link, link from your blog, fav a photo, do a workshop, buy an e-book, share a recipe for espresso quiche or invite them to your wedding.

There is NO obligation on the part of the reader. Zero. Zilch.

My choice is to not take Free for granted.


ṫḯρ ʟøṽ℮ {I've added a Tip Jar to Daisy Yellow and your donations provide a much needed energy and happiness boost.}

฿Ѧℝт€ℝ ʟѺⅤℰ ~ Negotiate trades! You can take my e-course free if I can take yours free. Or I'll trade you a matted print of this mandala for a print of your cafe sketch.How would that work? What if you offered me a print of your cat and I wasn't interested? A payment option on etsy or zibbet or an entirely new platform, to pay via art rather than currency. I'm not a techy guru, but there is potential here.

What else can we do to sustain the inspiring world of Free?