The Evolution of the Crafty Revolution #1

"Man—every man—is an end in himself, not a means to the ends of others; he must live for his own sake, neither sacrificing himself to others nor sacrificing others to himself; he must work for his rational self-interest, with the achievement of his own happiness as the highest moral purpose of his life."
~ Ayn Rand

A creative revolution.

Writing, designing, sharing... a recipe for Tequila-Lime Chicken (Pioneer Woman) ♣ how to do an embroidered lock stitch (Pin Tangle) ♣ embroidery patterns (Needle 'n Thread) ♣ photoshop actions (Coffee Shop) ♣ left-brained writing promptsright-brained writing prompts (WritingFix) ♣ creative experiments to try (iHanna) ♣ design inspiration (Share Some Candy) ♣ J. Herbin ink reviews (Spiritual Evolution of the Bean).

It's magical. It's amazing. It's inspirational!

Cue the dramatic theme music!

My mind is racing with ideas. since reading a discussion at Craftypod with Sister Diane: How Sustainable is Free?

FREE, noun. DEFINITION: free stuff/services
As an english teacher's daughter, I like using Free as a noun. Definition gleaned from Craftypod.

In today's crafty revolution, here's one side of the equation. A ginormous number of people are busy manufacturing Free. These folks, the producers, might close up shop, start charging, charge for part of their work, or move to Alaska and teach dry-suit diving! You, the user, get to use the Free without doing/giving anything in return. On the surface it seems like this might be lopsided, out of balance. Yet it continues to work.

Why do we blog? A brilliant chat about blogging from Seth Godin and Tom Peters at 33 Charts.

But back to Free. To to my mind, the producers of the Free will keep going as long as they are getting something that they value in return. Motivation. Fame. Power. Influence. Creative Sparks. Friendship. Enjoyment. Challenge. Revenue from ads. A book deal. Collaboration. Problem-solving. Revenue from other stuff (art, consultation, photoshop actions). Charity. Sanity. Etc.

Further discussion of Free at A Little Hut

What else can we do to sustain this fun community of Free? How do we thank the bloggers we read, those who share their talents, ingenuity, time, energy, humour + experience? How do you know what motivates a particular blogger? Please add your ideas in the comments or pop over to Diane's original post and give her your thoughts.

PS. Craftypod is a groovy podcast about all things crafty.