The December Rainbow Escape

I hope you thinking of how to squeeze art into the month ahead! Time for a fresh challenge to take us through the busy month of December. I think the busier we are, the more we need to escape into our own little worlds. Art is good for the soul. A way to refresh and remind yourself that Y-O-U matter, that your choices matter, that creativity matters. Each time you do art this month, consider it an ESCAPE.

The December Rainbow Escape! Dare YOU to create 7 journal pages in the month of December.

Work through the rainbow using different journaling techniques. Work in any order and as always, interpret the prompt literally, figuratively, humorously, ridiculously, erroneously, magically or alphabetically.

For each journal page, pick a color combination from the list below {using any variation of the two colors} plus black and white. Then pick a journaling technique to get the some words {any words} on your page. So here's how it might work. For your first page you could pick "Scarlet & Orange" and "Patterns & Doodles" and create a page with bright reds and a variety of oranges with teeny weeny heart doodles. Remember, your words can be meaningful or ridiculous. It's YOUR page. You make the call. Any mediums.

These prompts are designed to work whether you want to paint and get messy or use dry mediums like markers. If you are traveling, you could take a zip-lock baggie of markers, some washi tape and a journal and get in some art time on the plane, in the hotel room, even late at night at your cousin's house.

Post your work to Twitter, to the DY FB group and/or instagram. And your blog, if you've got one. Hashtag for instagram/twitter: #rainbowescape. 

The catch? Use each color combination only once.... and each journaling technique only once. Match each color combination to a journaling technique. Work in any order.


  • Magenta & Scarlet
  • Scarlet & Orange
  • Orange & Yellow
  • Yellow & Green
  • Green & Turquoise
  • Turquoise & Indigo
  • Indigo & Purple


  • Mind Map or Brainstorm
  • Top Ten List 
  • Quote or Lyrics
  • Patterns & Doodles
  • Alphabet Stamps, Stencil or Invent-a-Font
  • Write a Poem/Haiku *or* Use Found Poetry {Cut Words from Magazines}
  • Fancy Hand-Lettering Using a Calligraphy Pen, Brush Marker or Fine-Nibbed Marker

We'll be traveling to the northeast in early December. I plan to make a little stitched travel journal as I have for our last several trips. Plus... a moleskine journal, pens & markers so that I can draw on the plane and in the hotel room. After that, a luxuriously long school break and lots of *not* carpooling.

Let me know what you think, and if you have any questions. 

Here are my creations for the Challenge: Part #1, Part #2.