The Daily Paper Prompt!

Each day, a daily prompt.

A technique, an experiment, something to do with paper.

Everything you need to know to get started is in this post. 

The Daily Paper Prompts {DPPs} will be posted in the ICAD section, a few at a time, until we have a full 61 prompts. I've revamped and freshened up most of the original DPPs and we will have fresh guest posts as we move into September.

I'll post a "teaser" for the DPPs at Instagram each day. I'm gypsy999.

How do I get updates on the DPP in my feed reader?

There are two separate feeds for Daisy Yellow.

One feed provides all of the regular blog posts.

The other feed provides only posts in the prompts/index-card-a-day section of the blog. 

If you like daily prompts, you will want BOTH feeds.

To get the feed for the daisy yellow blog, copy paste this link in your feed reader search box:

The feed for the daily paper prompts and the index-card-a-day challenge copy paste this link in your feed reader search box:

I switched from Google Reader to Bloglovin and I love it!!! 

Here's an easy way to subscribe to the daisy yellow blog in bloglovin:

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