Yay. The Creative Nudge

Flexible, open-ended activities, prompts, threads,
concepts, questions, and possibilities.

The Creative Nudge is a new ebook!!! A collection of 15 explorations designed to help you generate ideas and keep your creative wheels spinning year-round. We collect ideas, create torn paper collage on index cards, allow space for imperfection, play with abstractions, create paper pie charts, make art inspired by maps, and bunches more! 

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It's a 48 page ebook in downloadable PDF format, including 4 index card collage tutorials and 1 mixed media art journal process video. 

about keeping your creative momentum going

I started with the goal of transforming The Circle Workshop into an ebook and make it into something supportive, fun, inviting, and approachable, where you don't have to go to a website to read and you can print and make little notes in the margin! After selecting the absolute best parts of the workshop, I went about re-writing, adding sections, altering, editing, arranging, re-arranging, and adding fresh art and examples. It morphed into 110 pages! I just felt like it was way too big? I actually struggled with whether to release it all at once or in two parts. Ultimately I decided to divide the content into two parts and offer each volume individually. That also gives me the flexibility to adjust the next one -- so you guys can tell me what parts you liked best -- that will help a great deal. My plan is to release Volume Two in late September, so you could theoretically start playing with Volume One over the course of August and September, something like that. 

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The official description is... "Start, revamp, refresh + reinforce your daily creative practice, with an emphasis on kick-starting and encouraging daily creative work! Prompts, ideas & colorful art galore."

⤴️ Above, in the graphic, you can see some of the stuff we create.
There are also video tutorials with fun [easy peasy] collage techniques that you can take in a bunch of different directions!
If you liked the ICADexplore video tutorials, you'll like these! 

Note: A portion of this ebook began as The Daisy Yellow Circle Workshop. If you took The Circle, the video tutorials and a portion of the content will be familiar to you; the content has been expanded, altered, improved, and otherwise made more awesome!

Creative Nudge: 15 Explorations to Start, Revamp & Refresh Your Creative Practice https://daisyyellowart.com

Here's how it works! 

48 page ebook in downloadable PDF format
4 index card collage tutorials + 1 mixed media art journal process video
35 minutes of video content available thru 12/31/20 but not downloadable

Fun explorations fit ANY level of creative experience
Yes!!! Beginners this is for YOU!

Upon purchase, you'll receive an instant download link. Non-refundable. 
Artwork, text, design & written content ©2018 Tammy Garcia
Do not copy or redistribute any portion of this ebook in any format.
You may not re-teach techniques from this ebook.

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