The Blues

She would be half a planet away,
floating in a turquoise sea,
dancing by moonlight
to flamenco guitar."
~Janet Fitch


We had a chance to see guitarist Ottmar Liebert in concert (here's a link to our fav album, The Hours Between Night + Day) at The House of Blues in Dallas. Excellent acoustics and waitstaff that brought beers! It was funny, looking around, realizing that it was an older crowd and that we fit right in... The HOB New Orleans was cool but small, smoky, standing-room type of deal. I know it's a chain, but the HOB Dallas was so nicely done - the painted art and symbolic motifs on the walls, the typography, everything was cool. Sometimes places try to be cool and they're not. At the break, I found these large quilted artworks hung along narrow passages overlooking the stage. The quilts were unique and playful, with saturated earthy colors. And the show, it was magical!