The Bitter and the Sweet

Yup. ICAD #61. The last day of the fifth annual ICAD Challenge.

"Set up a situation that presents you 
with something slightly beyond your reach."
Brian Eno

"When you do a thing, do it with all your might. Put your whole soul into it. Stamp it with your own personality. Be active, be energetic and faithful, and you will accomplish your object."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

"If you really don't know where to start or if you're stuck, start generating random connections and allow your intuition to tell you if one might lead somewhere interesting."
John Cleese

"Write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself."
Neil Gaiman

There is a definite MORE EQUALS MORE with regard to art - at least in my experience. I think the more creative stuff you do {and no matter what you choose... to paint/write/sketch/knit/collage/quilt/etc}, the more ideas you will have. The ideas multiply, intersect, re-arrange in your mind. There is synergy, man! Now is your chance to jump into a journal {just follow the same process and approach that you have with your index cards}, splash paint on a canvas, start a bunch of quilt blocks, learn how to knit-in-the-round, make a gelatin printing plate, sketch at Starbucks.

Do something that you have always wanted to do! 

Thank you all for playing along with this crazy daily challenge. Let this be the beginning of something amazing.