Telling Stories, or Inklings Thereof

To create these collages, I ventured through a good deal of paper ephemera, maps, torn-up paintings, painted papers and things I've collected in my travels and in swapping with other artists. 

First, I thought I would just make some cards with pretty color palettes. Then I decided to tell some stories. The stories are in my head, they are not fully formed stories that I plan to write down. Just glimpses of things that I see in these collages. Fragments. I find collage fascinating, even though I barely touch the surface of this art form.

Some of the circles below are from a 1970's era National Geographic Map of Alaska that I discovered in my dad's attic in Pennsylvania. He was happy that I would actually use it, taking this idea of sewing paper with a grain of salt. My dad's attic is a major source of ephemera, but I digress. 

This card doesn't have any particular story, I thought the colors looked nice together.  


"My mind is wired to connect countless dots — people, problems, ideas, and solutions  great for creativity and entrepreneurship, not so great when I wake in the middle of the night with an insight, and can't get back to sleep!" 
Peter Sims

This might be my favorite of the set, I love the juxtaposition of Alaska and the surfer girl and the texture of the sandy paint chip.


"The wonderful thing about working is that the more you do it, the easier it is to do, and the less likely it is you'll get stuck."
Anna Held Audette

I was thinking about travel, planning trips and the song LAS VEGAS TURNAROUND which is so lovely, if you haven't heard it. 


“It is time to venture out of the comforting land of either/or opposites and travel into the uncertain territory of both/and.”
Diane Schoemperlen

Here, I thought about travel journalism, the concrete reality of documenting places and spaces around the world, the elusive art of capturing what it is like to be in a particular place.


“And then the dreams break into a million tiny pieces. The dream dies. Which leaves you with a choice: you can settle for reality, or you can go off, like a fool, and dream another dream.” 
Nora Ephron

Again, travel, but really more about interesting patterns & textures. Trivia: the National Geographic text, the sea plane and the two map graphics are from the Alaska map.


"...positive emotions signal flourishing. But this is not the whole story: Positive emotions also produce flourishing. Moreover, they do so not simply within the present, pleasant moment but over the long term as well. The take-home message is that positive emotions are worth cultivating, not just as end states in themselves but also as a means to achieving psychological growth and improved well-being over time." 
Barbara Fredrickson

Points to ponder

► A spot-on description of idea development... from Danny Gregory, "I’m at the very early stages of starting to think about a new idea. It’s more of an inkling at this point that I hope to develop into a notion, then maybe let it simmer in the skullpot till it becomes a concept." I took the first two sessions of Sketchbook Skool and really enjoyed them, by the way!

► A beautiful and thoughtful post from Hali Karla "To all who have  felt unsafe, threatened, violated, isolated, unloved and wrongfully judged for being different."

► Michelle at Lost Coast Post, about her index card portraits and attempting to resist the allure of the index-card-a-day challenge.

► Thoughts on the act of daily creating in a post from Amy Cowen, "I have created cards that feel “unfinished” and am letting myself live with the fact that they don’t have to be finished. Their creation is their validity for the challenge."