Grunge Tutorial: Inked Papers

I gifted myself both sets of Dr. Ph. Martin's inks as a holiday present and all I can say is wow!!! 
Smooth, consistent, highly pigmented. So much fun to work with!

Here's my review of Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay inks!

One of the things I love to do is CREATE my own kooky, unique painted papers to use in my collage work and on my journal pages. So here's a playful tutorial for making graffiti style painted papers and YES, you can use all of the colors of the rainbow! This technique will work with ink, liquid watercolor or high flow acrylics and each and every medium will provide different results!!!


- India ink, liquid watercolor or high flow acrylics
- Watercolor paper, heavy card stock or bristol paper
- Scissors or rotary blade
- Brush, #6 or smaller

On this page in my 5x8" Moleskine, there's a mostly green & yellow strip of paper on the right side... one of the papers from the video tutorial.


Cut paper into strips about 1/2" x 6". Sizes do not need to be uniform. I stitched some of my papers to give them some texture; not necessary. Using one color of ink at a time, draw dots, stripes and swirls on a random stack of papers. Flip the papers around and make more marks. I made marks on both sides so that when I am looking through my painted papers while I am working in my journal, I can use whatever side I like best at that moment!