Tangent № 05: Beach Umbrella



Cold Press Watercolor Paper, 140 lb

Neocolor II water-soluble wax crayons {if you don't have these, try another type of water-soluble crayon and let us know what happens!}

Painter's Tape {I used 3M multi-use painter's tape, the type used to mask walls when you paint a room.}

Watercolor brush

Jar of water

India ink & calligraphy pen with any writing or drawing nib *or* a black gel pen *or* drawing pen, i.e. PITT artist pen.



  1. Start with a piece of cold press watercolor paper, and then test to ensure that your tape is indeed removable. Place a small piece of painter's tape on the paper and then gently remove. If the paper is undamaged, you are good to go. I tried this with cardboard and it did not work properly, as the tape pulled up part of the cardboard and it was a big mess:( To get started, place the painter's tape in diagonal lines to create a masked area. You can tear the tape so that the masked areas are imperfect and irregular. The spaces with tape will later be your journaling areas.
  2. Follow the technique in the video to color in between the paint strips with Neocolor II wax crayons, adding a slightly darker color at one side of each of the colored sections. 
  3. Using a watercolor brush and a fresh jar of water, "paint" the Neocolors with water, rinsing the brush frequently to keep the color fresh. 
  4. Wait about 10 minutes for the paint to dry a bit {so it won't run/drip when you remove the tape} and gently remove the painter's tape.
  5. Time for journaling! Dip a calligraphy pen in black india ink *or* write your words with a black pen. I wrote a completely random bit of journaling that was on the wild & crazy side! Try writing in stream of consciousness or narrative style. Or try a quote or lyrics. This is also a great page to try slow journaling {an exercise in mindfulness... where you contemplate every letter and every word carefully}.

Here's an index to all of the tutorials in the series.