Tangent № 04: Grid Collage

Here's an index to all of the tutorials in the series.

In the first video, I share a very easy way to create a background with fluid acrylic paint by simply mixing the paints as I go, on the paper, rather than on the palette.

Remember that it's the DOING that matters. Use colors that you enjoy! You aren't investing in interior decorating services but rather choosing colors for a page in your journal. You will see that the colors in my grid are strange and definitely weren't selected from Martha Stewart's Panama Collection. Or colors from the Gregorian Arc Color Wheel. Don't bother googling any of that as it's all made up. 

In the second video, I walk through creating the grid.


Watch the first video here or pop over to Vimeo. {7 minutes}

You can hear me do the play-by-play in both videos with a little music at the beginning. 

Watch the first video here or pop over to Vimeo. {17 minutes}

Golden fluid acrylics
Neocolor I or II wax crayons
Images from magazines, paper ephemera
Adhesive {Fluid Matte Medium or Mod Podge}
Brush for adhesive, brush for acrylics, scissors

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