Taking Stock

Out of curiosity and the whole year-end look back, year-ahead look forward thing, I pulled out all of my art journal pages + moleskines + journals from every basket, shelf, nook + cranny.


I found 9 journals and moleskines full of doodles and mandalas.


A stack of stitched journals.


Everything but the loose AJ pages is here.


5 bound art journals and altered books. The top one is the Exacompta journal I'm working in now, about 90% finished.


The luscious corner perspective! 


These are the 2 moleskines I'm working in at present, 25% filled with watercolors, doodles, mandalas.


All of the loose art journal pages! These are housed in archival boxes like the ones below. 


The white boxes where I keep loose art journal pages when finished (archival boxes from the container store). I've been doodling since late 2006 and art journaling since the end of 2007.

Go collect your journals and photograph them!

Optional: add a funny prop like a stuffed giraffe. The perfect way to avoid laundry and other productive activities.

PS. Fast forward three years to taking stock of all of my journals in 2015.