Symbolism on an art journal page about Mexico

Last summer, on a 100+ sweltering day, we went downtown to the farmers' market and explored the treasures in this amazing outdoor shop overflowing with ceramics, sculptures and other Mexican works. I re-discovered this photo and thought the patterns and the angle were cool so I printed on the little pogo printer. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I had painted this darkly colorful page the other day and thought the photo was a good match for the background. I started thinking about our travels thru Mexico before the kiddos were born, driving trips emanating from Mexico City to places like Puebla, Taxco, Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende.... a long winding road.

Mexico is difficult to write about, so I thought maybe I could use images + symbols instead of words. This was a major twist for me to think in this way! Not literally but figuratively, symbolically, organically, emotionally, something like that. So I started by stamping MEXICO in acrylic paint. I wanted to express a mix, layers of beauty and sadness.

{These pages are in the exacompta journal, the art materials are tubed acrylics, gesso, found stamps, rubber stamps, neocolors, gellyrolls, Traci Bunkers' Blind Melon stamps.}

The stamping with paint shows layers - bougainvilleas, art, colorful houses + dresses, crafts, music, cookies, kindness. Symbols include the stamped letters on that white bit in the collage = language barrier. {I understand much but speak mostly in the present tense, try telling a story about your past only in the present tense, and get back to me}. Gray painted pages = poverty, pollution, crime. Pottery = ceramic art. Blue = ocean. Rainbow = dresses. Designs = wrought iron.

Have you used symbols on an art journal page - on purpose - impromptu - or only later realized?


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QUESTION for my spanish speaking readers: Are you aware of art journaling resources on the web in spanish (not translated into spanish)? These resources would be helpful for a reader who is planning an art journaling workshop.