Sunny Stripes with Gouache

Today is a good day to take your art materials out for or a spin! They're gonna gather dust otherwise.. and we cannot have dusty paint tubes... can we? Painting light and airy stripes with gouache... and wishing you a lovely day, friends!

Yup, I've got more art videos at YouTube!

It's lovely to go back to the basics - stripes - grids - circles - polka dots - squares - swirls. Relaxing and rejuvenating. No pressure. In this little video, I masked playful sunny stripes with narrow polka dot washi tape. You could theoretically write on your stripes - wait until they are dry and then try a PITT pen or Sakura Gelly Roll as they won't bleed. 

I'm using gouache on an index card; watercolor will work pretty much the same way, but will not be as opaque. You can also try this on watercolor paper and also with removable painter's tape if you want the lines to be really crisp!

Sunny Stripes tutorial #gouache #tutorial
Sunny Stripes tutorial #gouache #tutorial
Sunny Stripes tutorial #gouache #tutorial

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