Sunflower Seed Packet

“There is no exquisite beauty...
without some strangeness in the proportion.”
Edgar Allan Poe

Do you name your pages? I do only to have a way to "refer" to them on the blog or in my mind. So this is "the one with the sunflower seed packet" only because that was there before it had the photo of the horse. It's basically a grid, and you know how I love grids, of all sorts of photos {printed on the polaroid pogo instant printer}, stamps, washi tape, neocolors, wrappers, found papers, clippings of abstract painted pages, maps, etc. all on a background "bed" of turquoise and violet acrylics. These pages are from the hardback I'm altering into an art journal called the noticing journal. Oh! And I took a photo of another page from this book, pulled it into photoshop and pumped up the vibrancy, then printed on the pogo printer and stuck it on this page. The cool thing about the pogo is that the paper has an peel-off adhesive backing.