Summer + Winter Mandalas

 Summer Mandala:

Summer Mandala, pencil sketch directly on canvas, acrylics

Summer, pencil + acrylics on canvas, almost finished. I named this one summer because the original layers were very summery... 


Winter Mandala:

Winter Mandala, pencil sketch, beginnings of the acrylic work

Winter mandala, almost finished. I named this one Winter because of the blues in the base layer.

I think I'll paint around the mandalas on each of these canvases, to bring the background right up to the mandala, but that is for another day. I know this process works, and that is the important thing.

Is there something that you have thought about trying? Maybe you just need to get out the materials and do a test. While I was painting a 24x36" painting on wood {will post photos}, I had this idea and wanted to explore it further. So right in the middle of painting something else, I put two 9x12" canvases on top of the wood board and started playing around. I didn't gripe at myself for not finishing one thing before starting the next. I'm not punching a creative time clock. There's no deadline on my work, no finish line. I just want to paint. Anyhow, I had painted a mandala on the wood board and that was long and challenging. I knew that drawing the lines would be more precise than painting the lines. Could I simply draw a mandala on canvas with pencil and then color it in with acrylics? Sometimes an experiment simply stares you in the face and dares you to give it a try. Had I never simply drawn on canvas in pencil? How could this be?