Summer Swirls

"If there was magic in this world, it happened within sight of the three bases and home plate. All the gems in my world that decorated the walls and floors of dragons' lairs, the sword hilts of privileged princes, and crowns worn by emperors and kings, were nothing compared to the beauty and splendor of the diamond in Wrigley Stadium. It wasn't just a yard with dirt, chalk lines, bases, and a small hill in its center. Wrigley was a field of dreams. Dreams of eternal glory for the men who ran to the outfield, who took their respective bases, and prepared for battle against those who would dare enter their hallowed realm. Dreams for the kids in the stands, all wanting to don a uniform, kiss their moms goodbye, and wield their bats as enchanted weapons destined to knock the cover off the ball. And for the adults who had already selected their lot in life, Wrigley made the dreams of past innocence, lost wonder, and the promise that there was something inherently good still left in the world, come true."
-Tee Morris

 painting on canvas, smooth

the swirls begin, no plan ahead

is this my palette or cupcake icing?

24x20" canvas, Golden Heavy Body Acrylics, gesso

Painting at my kids' easel! I want to keep working on this one, add some darker colors. Acrylics are neat in that you can add layers. Next thing you know, I'll be hanging on the streets of Paris with a velvet beret, a curvy palette and a long brush. It's just me playing with cupcake icing, though.