Stratosphere Mandala


9x9" mandala, aquabee drawing journal, slicci pen and watercolor


A bit of a reality check. I am feeling more and more that I'm spinning wheels here all by myself. The truth is that I am going to do art no matter what. I am going to create, paint, stitch, draw, doodle, read, write, photograph, problem-solve, brainstorm, alter, glue, sew, collage, stamp, sketch, drip, embellish, collect, dream. But I need to figure out how Daisy Yellow will fit into all of that.

My message from the beginning has been that adding art + creativity to your day can make you happier and can make life better. That is why I do this. I want people to know that art can make a difference. But I don't know if I am making enough of a difference. There are a lot of others with the same mesage, I think.

For a good part of October, we'll be traveling and I will be taking a bloggie break. On Saturdays, you'll see the Journal List Project Hanna and I are doing. There will be some other posts. Chances are, I'll return from our trip refreshed and write 100 new posts and go head first into Art Every Day Month in November.... but for now I wanted to share a few thoughts.

editor's note... after 10 comments...

OK, You guys are too kind. Thank you! I will be blogging until early October, then taking a break through late October. I appreciate each and every comment. And if you are ever not sure what to say in a comment on a blog {here or anywhere}, here's what I do on other blogs. I think about what went through my mind when I read the post or saw the art. Maybe I smiled when I saw a particular color or color palette. Maybe I am curious why the artist used a particular type of paint. Maybe something in the post gave me a new way of thinking about something or a new approach. I might want to know if the artist liked the particular watercolor paper they used. Maybe I tried something similar, and want to share a bit of the experience. Like a blog post about blueberry pie - I might say that the last time I tried it the pie was too juicy. Or the post might be about finding inspiration in nature and I just recently sat at the zoo sketching the zebras {OK, I've not done that but it sounds fun}. Think of a comment as part of a conversation. You walk up to a group at a party {a party where they do art all the time, a really cool party} and they are talking about stuff, and you chime in. It's like a wave, or a smile. I am trying to leave more blog comments, too, and I have to sometimes tell myself... "hey, time to pop around and say hello!"