Stitching Pages

Stitching random curves.

Lines around the page edges.

Stitched this acrylic rainbowy page separately, then cut it up and sewed it onto this page.

Stitching around photos, stitching random circles.

More stitching.

Stitching squiggly, curvy "quilting" lines on this collage.... the reverse is a fairly blank page {see below}.

The back of the "quilted" page looks like stitched blue jeans now.

The back of a stitched photo is a random rectangle on a collage, no worries.

Making more progress on The Noticing Journal by adding texture with stitching. Some of the pages were already falling out, so that's where I started. If you are going to stitch your altered book pages, take a look at the reverse of each page. If it's a collage you might not mind a random square, circle or rectangle or squiggle. If you've written words on the reverse, you might mask them and that might not be what you want. I love the look and feel that stitching adds to art journal pages. How to do it? Just put your paper under the sewing machine needle just as you would place fabric. Same needle, same process. Just don't use thin paper - you can use watercolor paper, bristol paper, heavy cardstock, or you can attach thin paper to thick paper with the machine. To do a circle, you just turn your paper delicately or weave one way, then another, to get a wavy look... don't tug, as you can break a needle, take it from one who knows it well.