Stitched Texture Printing Escapades

Printmaking experiments with surprising results....


Created a collage using bits of upholstery fabrics with some depth and pattern,
curious to see how much texture could be captured in a print.


Added Golden heavy body acrylic paint with a brush. 
Printing and painting and printing was an engaging and absorbing endeavor!


An array of papers and fabrics and found items with interesting textures and depths. 


After gooping up the card with heavy body acrylics, only the texture remains... with a peek of text. The intention was to make prints, but I fell in love with the printing plates. Used copper heavy body acrylics to make this very random print. 


Found these super heavy cardboard game pieces from a game the kids never played. I looked at the pieces, looked at my machine, back to the pieces, and somehow did not break a needle! But I didn't! Painted with Golden fluid acrylics and imprinted the dots on another index card and on black paper. 


My third index card... a collection in more linear fashion with some interesting curves thrown into the mix.


These experiments were sparked by a project in Traci Bautista's new book Printmaking Unleashed. Traci invited me to participate in the launch for the book and sent a box of goodies to explore... including a kit with mark-making tools that can be used in very open-ended ways and a really cool flowery stencil. I curled up with the book and found a wide variety of printmaking ideas that can be used to create interesting and imperfect textures for your art journal pages.


The project that launched this experiment is called "Deconstructed Paper Printing Plates." The idea is to create texture by stitching together a variety of papers and then deconstructing those creations.  

I went way back to basics to see what would happen if I tried to print just the stitches. I think this turned out the absolute coolest of all of the experiments. Below, stamped this one using blue paint and then painted the card with copper and stamped on a variety of papers.

That's the beauty of books that overflow with creative ideas; you can take an idea, or part of an idea, or put two ideas together and run in any direction you wish. You'll wind up in places you might never have explored! 

I sew paper virtually every day, so I wanted to see what sorts of textures I could find in my sewing room. I created a dozen stitched cards and then painted each with a variety of acrylics and made imprints on black watercolor paper and on index cards. And the biggest surprise of all was that I am now in love with the resulting painted textured cards. They remind me of the tin man in the Wizard of Oz. And so I like Printmaking Unleashed; the book has bunches of ideas for making marks and printing with objects that you create or objects you find in your home or travels. 

Guess what? I used these printing plates and the prints to create an accordion book.