Still Square

"When you are stuck in a spiral,
to change the aspects of the spin
you only need to change one thing."
Christina Baldwin

A round-up of my recent instagram pix in square format.

Ephemera collected on our trip.

This is my take on the "In case of emergency please return to:" question on the first page of the Moleskine.


Moleskine work. Playing with text. Drew @ Starbucks over several visits. My older daughter has an after school drama class and so my younger daughter and I get a snack/coffee {snack for her, coffee for me} to bridge the time gap.

I skip the first page in a journal as a weird habit; these gouache flowers are technically both the first and the last page in an A4 moleskine. That's a wrap on another journal! Just unwrapped a new one and it's ready to roll!

Fading sunflower.

A small few inch peek at a big 24" wide acrylic painting on canvas, this is a gift for "S" who is one of my lifelong friends. We met when we were 12! I started in December or January and I have been working on it in bursts. Like I'll work 30-45 minutes at a time, let that layer dry, lean it on the wall in the kitchen but leave it in my peripheral vision. I've learned that it is easier to paint just to paint, but in painting this intentionally as a gift, I was second guessing myself at least once a week. The thing is, you really don't know what someone else will like! A learning experience. I'm going to let it dry for another week and then figure out how to ship it to her:)

Another peek of a small section of the canvas. My goal is to make my friend smile each day... she is one of the best people in the universe and has had a very difficult year.

File Sep 19, 7 18 01 PM.jpg

Gouache work for my Tiny Museum workshop.

A field trip to the SPARK maker space in Dallas.

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