Step #399: Art Supplies

"About this spring of ancient fame say true,
The dapper elves their moonlight sports renew;
Their pigmy king and little fairy queen
In circling dances gamboll'd on the green,
With tuneful sprites a merry concert made,
And airy music warbled through the shade."
~ Alexander Pope

I like to get to know my art materials, play, experiment, explore, analyze. I want to know what to expect. What they can do. It's like getting familiar with a new car.

When I draw, I prefer a black PITT pen. I've tried a great number of pens/markers and they work for me. I just keep drawing lines. I know what to expect, what they will do, how to use them. I know that if the kids splash a few drops of water from the pool onto the page, the mandala or slow journaling will not be ruined. 

When I paint in my art journal, I want saturated color. I love the burst of vivid color I get from materials like Caran d'Ache Neocolor II Artists' Crayons and fluid acrylics. What art material do you use most frequently, and in the most ways?