Starting the EDM Challenge


3x5" index card divider, slicci pen

While the girls were in the pool I drew my favorite {albeit falling-apart} beach sandals.

Starting. I am starting. Because I want to learn how to draw better lines, better curves, how to cross-hatch and shade with purpose. I want to start a daily drawing habit. Yes, I have a well entrenched daily doodling addiction habit. But drawing REAL STUFF is more of a deep challenge for me. I love Danny Gregory's style and his line work, and it inspires me to draw MORE STUFF. And so if you want to join in, you can read about The EDM Challenge at Danny's blog and find out about the flickr group and facebook stuff too. You might see some line art from Sophie of Miss KoolAid and Amy of The Creative Mom Podcast as well, as they have inspired me to start. The EDM Challenge is named after the Everyday Matters book by Danny Gregory.