Sometimes you just need a starting point!

We all try to find ways to stay engaged with our creative work. Like, we develop goals for ourselves, tiny pacts. We start journals, join challenges. Yet even with all of that, sometimes we still need a starting point. Even the most self-propelled artists find prompts and explorations valuable in generating new ideas. 

When you are feeling verklempt and can't decide what to do, you can open up The Creative Nudge and set forth on a trajectory. I know that you are creative!!!! But being creative is not the same as DOING CREATIVE STUFF. Sometimes you need a starting point to break through jump through some resistance or find the missing muse or defeat hesitation or creative block or perceived roadblock or perfectionism. I totally get that putting too much weight on the outcome can hamper creative work!

These are thought-provoking explorations that you can try on any kind of paper or journal - they are very loose and open-ended and act as instigators, sparks, and well... nudges. I know that it is important to you to stick with the daily art habit you have launched. I know that this matters to you. So that's what I do. I help people do just that. Stick with it.

The Creative Nudge is chock-full of inspiration. There are examples and prompts and colorful art and thought-provoking starting points for your next explorations.

My elevator pitch for this would be "a zine with prompts, art, and tutorials.” So that said, inside you'll find an array of explorations to help you start, revamp, refresh + reinforce your daily creative practice, with an emphasis on kick-starting creative work! Start with either volume!

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What's Inside VOLUME 01?

15+ Explorations in a colorful 44 page ebook in PDF format.

You’ll collect ideas, play with torn paper collage, make mixed media pie charts, create art inspired by maps, play with diagonal lines, and more.

Also! Four (4) video tutorials and one (1) art journal process video with collage techniques that you can take in a bunch of different directions!

two volumes, each sold separately.  


14+ Explorations in a colorful 51 page ebook in PDF format.

You’ll go on a color treasure hunt, make art with office supplies, visit an imaginary museum, do visual brainstorming, explore different types of layering in mixed media work, learn about the value of following what-if questions, find new ways to interact with light & reflection, play with circles, and more.

Also! Two (2) video tutorials. In Compass, I’ll show you how to draw 3 mandalas; in Landscape Path, I paint 3 tiny abstract landscapes in watercolor and gouache.

For Volume 01, I began with the goal of transforming The Circle Workshop into an ebook and make it into something supportive, fun, inviting, and approachable, where you don't have to go to a website to read and you can print and make little notes in the margin! After selecting the absolute best parts of the workshop, I went about re-writing, adding sections, altering, editing, arranging, re-arranging, and adding fresh art and examples.

For Volume 02, I expanded into a new assortment of activities to comprehend many different tangents and ideas developed over man years of making art.

Kind Words about The Creative Nudge

"I looked at the content today and it is fabulous! I am always drawn to color, so I enjoyed seeing so many examples of your work. I like many of your suggestions for gathering ideas and patterns. Thank you for offering a way to keep going once ICAD is over." Susan

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