Song Girls

“Planning to write is not writing.
Outlining, researching,
talking to people
about what you're doing,
none of that is writing.
Writing is writing.”
― E.L. Doctorow

Rosie {from the Jackson Browne song}

Maggie May {Rod Stewart}

{from your feed reader, click to read more}

Daisy Jane {America}

Rhonda {Beach Boys}

Rosalita {Springsteen}


the back is a big twisty mess

Roxanne {Police}

Juliet {Dire Straits}

Adia {Sarah McLachlan}

Daisy Jane {America}

Sometimes experiments come to my mind when I see two unrelated things together.

The girls were playing monopoly with a slightly altered set of rules and wanted me to hang out upstairs so I sat at the sewing machine trying to decide what to do. The freestyle foot thingie was on the machine. On the table I found a stack of paint chips my daughter had picked up for me at Home Depot.

I put a paint chip under the needle and just literally imagined myself "drawing" lines. If I watch myself sewing and think, well I need a line here, it doesn't work. If I imagine the movement that my pen makes, it works. Since the feed dogs are down, you move the paint chip with two hands to get the stitching the way you want it. The faces are hardest because it's so detailed in a tiny space. Might need to try with tiny stitches.

The girls on single paint chips are the first few, then I switched to doubling up the cards for the next set.

What's your favorite song with a girl's name?