Something Old, Something New

"An older author is constantly
rediscovering himself
in the more or less fossilized
productions of his earlier years."
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

art journal page + photograph = rainbow grunge

A few months ago, I took some time to page through my accumulated art journals, sketch books, altered books, moleskines, written notes, even photographs, as described in A Path Through Art. I wanted to see what had changed, how things had evolved, to remind myself of things that I'd tried and wanted to explore further.

I love to page through my art journals and moleskines in search of patterns I've used in the past. Reinventing or altering them for a new creation is a challenge I adore.

"So much time, so little to do.
Strike that, reverse it."
~ Gene Wilder, Willy Wonka

Eden developed a creative + colorful Doodle Directory to track the myriad of patterns used in her artwork.