Some things you don’t need for art journaling

{a gem from the archives, originally posted april 2011}

Some things you don’t need for art journaling.
{100% guaranteed}

Templates, credit hours, rule books, gallery openings, publisher approval, deadlines, traffic lights, degree coursework, kits, password, violin, erasable pen, certification, encyclopedia, radar detector, noise-cancelling headphones, remote flash, a plan, wide angle lens, cheat codes, documentation, volcano insurance, hall pass, parachute, depreciation, first class tickets, seminars, networking, telescope, badge, GAAP, FASB, skeleton keys, the Cliff's Notes to The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, a golden ticket, a daisy yellow e-zine, offshore manufacturing facilities, FASTPASS, dental floss, blue-tooth connectivity, licensing, spell-check, automatic ice maker, search functionality, transistor radio, archives, an ISBN number, library card, GPS, valid passport, smart phone, #2 pencil, yacht, themed christmas stickers, a train ticket, an art degree or Six ∑ certification.