the girls throwing snow into the pool... coincidentally the pool temp is 33 degrees.

the container garden

The weather keeps getting crazier! Now we have 4-5" of snow on top of 2" of ice. The kids and I bundled up and went out to photograph (me) and play (kids) in the fluffy cold snow. There are no snowpeople because it's not "snowball-snow" but it's powdery and pretty.

Yesterday evening, we bundled up and braved a quick trip to the supermarket, just before the snow started to fall (and fall and fall). There's still wicked ice on our street, like nothing I've ever seen. It was a true window of opportunity, as the city finally remembered to put a little gravel on our street and that bit was enough to get on the road finally. I guess they are hoarding it for the superbowl. The little one's fever seemed to be in control and she wanted to go on an adventure.

Where I grew up, it would be every day life in winter and most people would know how to drive on snow vs ice vs rain vs normal. Here, it's the other people's driving skills (or lack thereof) that we fear.

The supermarket was surreal, with eggs and juice in low supply, sleet covered entrances and a bunch of clothing-layered weary zombies walking the store for necessities after two days at home. It was an adventure.