Snowflake Mandala

“Curiosity, especially intellectual inquisitiveness, 
is what separates the truly alive from those who
are merely going through the motions.” 
Tom Robbins

Started this mandala on a 97 degree summer day. I was sitting in the shade on pool-supervision duty as the girls and a friend splashed around. This is drawn on top of a page that I'd painted with gouache months ago. The mandala-work went on for days and days, round and round, until the pen ran out of ink when it was almost finished. What a treat when I saw the shine of the masked areas in the sun! 

So much art to do, all of the time:) 

PS.  My new painting workshop, Tiny Museum, launches Sept 6th!!!
PSS. Check out my interview with Connie of Dirty Footprints Studio, my first video interview.
PSS. I've started drawing/painting from reference photos with interesting results.