Snow Globes + Bowling


Many of us are artists in our minds, on our canvases and in our journals. But the rest of the world may not see it that way, may not understand, may not validate our artsy endeavors. Painting or journaling or knitting don't involve analyzing asset allocations, programming reverse polish notation calculators, negotiating construction contracts, solving simultaneous equations, driving racecars, teaching Production Planning 102 or meeting with subcontractors in Madrid. Art doesn't require programming Java or analyzing serum blood levels or bragging about how busy we are.

Maybe others, the "they" {whoever that is to you} see it as a hobby {if they even knew what we did in our creative moments}... like collecting snow globes or perhaps bowling. The elusive "they" may not "get" our never-ending relentless drive to create something every day. What is important is that YOU get it. YOU know that it is important. It matters. It matters. It matters. As do snow globes and bowling.