Sketching Stuff

"The easiest songs to write are pure fiction.
There is no limit to how you can tell the story.
I find it difficult when I'm replaying
an event through a song."
Jason Mraz

5x8" moleskine drawing journal, sideways

I'm drawing stuff! Stuff!

Let me give credit to the sources of inspiration, the photos I used as fodder for practicing my line work. Have you tried using photos for reference? If you have a smart phone you can pull up the flickr mobile site and look at your favorites and use them as fodder for drawing. So hard to get the color of the paper right in photoshop (the top paper is more accurate).

  1. Self-Portrait (from my photo, isn't it hilarious?)
  2. French Windows
  3. Earrings
  4. Camera (luthien's photo)
  5. Coffee
  6. Love (my design)
  7. Brush (drawn from life)
  8. Flowers
  9. Elephant
  10. Bicycle
  11. Owl
  12. Tree (Dar Hosta's design)
  13. Fabric (from my photo)
  14. Faerie house (from my photo)

Thought you might need a break from reading about organizing photos. From the number of comments I am guessing that there is not a big interest in digital photo organization? Oops!